Feed Your Wild Side instead
Let's get ready for an action-filled round of events coming up all over Europe! Whether you're an active participant, a notorious party animal or someone who prefers cheering from the sidelines when others run, sweat and compete – we'll be there by your side. With our Jack Link's truck and our Jack Link's sampling team.
26.05.2018 - 27.05.2018
Duracell Power Run Runmageddon, Warszawa
Enough sitting behind the desk. Enough computers. Enough rest! Time to feel the effort to the bones! We introduce you to murderous routes, water, mud and tons of satisfaction at the finish line! You don’t funk, do you?
Check how strong you are by joining Runmageddon!
Duracell Power Run
19.05.2018 - 20.05.2018
Hills Edition Amsterdam – NL
If you thought there were no hills in the Netherlands you are wrong! During this edition, in addition to the many altimeters, the world's most unique obstacle must be overcome: The Arctic Area. Crawl, climb and glide through the snow in the SnowPlanet Ski Hall with a temperature difference of -10 degrees Celsius!
Hills Edition Amsterdam
The largest event is returned, bigger and stronger than ever before! Sand, Water, and obstacles! Compete against the elements and obstacles in all shapes and sizes, when the most popular Nordic Race ever returns!
Strandparken will be filled with the best, biggest, and newest obstacles! Come and test yourself against obstacles in the categories; SPEED, STRENGTH or TECHNIQUE. Beef Jerky will feed your wild side before and after the race!
Reebok Power Run Runmaggedon, Warszawa
New season. New challenges. Runmageddon Games are back! Jack Link’s is taking all the opportunities to be there for you during and after the runs. On the 14th of May you had the opportunity to face the most difficult obstacle course you could imagine.
Reebok Power Run