Feed Your Wild Side instead
Let's get ready for an action-filled round of events coming up all over Europe! Whether you're an active participant, a notorious party animal or someone who prefers cheering from the sidelines when others run, sweat and compete – we'll be there by your side. With our Jack Link's truck and our Jack Link's sampling team.
07.04.2018 - 08.04.2018
Mud Edition Nijmegen – NL
The Strong Viking Mud Edition is one of the most fun Obstacle Runs in the Netherlands! With a beautiful area and unique obstacles based on the Viking era. The Mud Edition takes place at Berendonck in Wijchen / Nijmegen. The run has three distances: 7, 13 and 19 km. Make a “before” and “after” picture and have a laugh! Be ready to get muddy!
Mud Edition Nijmegen
Mud Edition Furstenau – DE
In addition to the many unique and spectacular obstacles from the centuries-old Viking age, the Mud Edition's also consist of mud, mud and mud! Join the challenge with your friends. Jump, climb and conquer the unique Mud Edition obstacles on your way to our Walhalla finish obstacle! We guarantee your sportswear will not be visible anymore, so prepare yourself to wipe the mud behind your ears.
Mud Edition Furstenau
Brother edition Frankfurt am main
Are you strong enough for the toughest Marathon challenge in Germany? The ultimate challenge for runners, CrossFitters, triathletes and All-Round athletes who want to push their limits. Are you Strong Enough? 42 km and 100+ obstacles are waiting for you in the amazing landscape of the Büdinger forest, near Frankfurt am Main. Lots of climbing, mud and spectacular power obstacles; if you can handle that, you can do anything!
Brother edition Frankfurt am main
14.10.2016 - 15.10.2016
Brother edition Amsterdam
Vikings fought shoulder to shoulder and never abandoned their brothers! This unique Strong Viking Brother Edition will let you relive this feeling. This will be the coolest final run of the obstacle run season. Do you have a brother who is not yet a Strong Viking? Bring him or her along, and show how amazing obstacle running is and how you become a Strong Viking. The Brother Edition has the coolest track in the Netherlands, with lots of climbing, thrilling obstacles where you need to help each other, and lots of fun.
Brother edition Amsterdam